Internationally recognized Lorena Baricalla is a multi-talented artist and innovator. A visionary whose creative universes expand from ballet to art, and to fashion.

She has currently written a new book, this time in French, which has just been published.

After the Trilogy of “Origins – The Answer”, an epic saga of adventure and spirituality in English and Italian versions – which is also the base for an international project with a big show and a trilogy of movies – she has chosen a new subject, even if it is still linked to her vision of life.

In this little book entitled “The Rose Garden of ballet star Lorena Baricalla”, she tells of her new passion for the wonderful world of roses. Between anecdotes and reflections, she describes her Rose Garden, a journey of beauty and harmony where each rose amazes with its colors and its unique fragrance that recharge the soul.

How is the idea of this book born?

Quite naturally because I was inspired by my new rose garden created in May 2023. Thanks to this beautiful gift, I was able to learn more about roses, which occupy a special place in life and society. Celebrated by many poets, writers and painters, the rose has always inspired artists and so it has been for me!

How many roses do you have now in your Rose Garden?

It currently has 72 different Rose Bushes from Botanical Collection, selected with passion and cared with dedication.  A fascinating world that I have just discovered and in which, each of the 72 has its own story and personality…

A Collection that will perhaps expand further, who knows?


How do you take inspiration from your roses?

The Rose Garden has been disposed in a route, in the shape of a mystical and endless circle, and surrounds the house. And it was by decorating the garden with these magnificent roses that several themes of my life that are dear to me have naturally become part in this journey: the soul, dance, history and myth, …

This route is also a way to regenerate energy, calm the body and mind, and nourish the soul through contact with the beauty of nature.

What did you discover that you didn’t know about roses?

For example, that Rose has its origins in Mesopotamia and that the Sumerians were the first to adorn their homes with this flower. This reconduct to my Trilogy “Origins-The Answer” which is based on the Mesopotamian scriptures and the quantum theories of space time…

This was a surprise for me and for that, I positioned the statue of Nin.Hur.Sag, the Great Mother Goddess of Mesopotamia, in the very heart of the Rose Garden. The circle closes on itself!  

In your book what do you write about?

The book reunites many elements: some anecdotes about my career, my vision of life, the description of each rose in the Rose Garden that was chosen for what it symbolically represents, for its evocative name and attractive qualities. Moreover, all of them have a truly different personality, through their colors and scents and seem like actors in the theatre of life!  It’s a little book easy to read and I hope that the readers will enjoy it! It can be found on Amazon or at the Alphabet bookstore in Monaco.

Your activity is always very intense. You have just been invited to be the Master of Ceremonies of “State of Grace” event in Monaco, under the Patronage of the Prince Albert. An exhibition of the international artist Marcos Marin – master of optic art, whose works are exhibited all over the world – for whom in this context you had “Conversations-Interviews” with himself along the tour of the exhibition, and with guests.The entire opening day was filmed by our company PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production under the direction of producer Tino Genovese in order to realise a television documentary on this beautiful exhibition of sculptures and paintings on the theme of Princess Grace, with portraits of the royal family and famous artists who were close to them: James Stewart, Gregory Peck, Alfred Hitchcock, David Niven, Cary Grant, Bing Crosby, Ava Gardner, Elisabeth Taylor, Maria Callas, Joséphine Baker, Sofia Loren, etc. You also inaugurated and unveiled the statue of Audrey Hepburn….It was a magical moment that I could share with Marcos Marin and Luciana de Montigny, the organizers of the event. I have always particularly liked Audrey Hepburn, who before becoming an actress was a very good classical ballerina. She kept her ballerina allure all her life! Furthermore, I personally met several personalities represented: Princess Grace first and foremost, because I grew up in her Ballet Academy, Roger Moore with whom more recently I worked on the film set and who presented one of my big shows, and Josephine Baker whom I met during my first professional contract while still a child for her show about her life.


This cultural and artistic project took place, in addition to the UBP Bank, in the most emblematic places of the Principality: the Casino Square and Gardens and the Monte-Carlo Opera. What do these places represent for you who are from Monaco?

It is always an emotion for me to go to the Monte-Carlo Opera, because it is here that I performed starring roles of my career such as Scheherazade, the Mermaid of the Prodigal Son, the Gypsy in Les Deux Pigeons or the Taming of the Shrew and this as well for several National Day of the Prince of Monaco …


This week you were the guest of the show on TVMonaco “ Ça va l’faire ” hosted by Sébastien Serrano and a team of columnists on different subjects such as entertainment, business or fashion…

Indeed, it’s an entertaining and fun morning show that I participated in with great pleasure! It was broadcast on the newly created channel TV Monaco, also seen on satellite throughout the world with the TV5 Monde package.

I was interviewed about my career, my life and my experience… I even danced in the backstage with Sébastien Serrano teaching him the basics of the pas de deux and discovering him to be very talented!


Your elegance and innate style have often found a natural connection as an ambassador for fashion and luxury brands. What did you wear on all these occasions, the image of an artist always being important ?

Fashion is, along with art and culture, the expression of our society. For me, every outfit is like a costume on the stage of life!

As Master of Ceremonies for “State of Grace,” I wore a precious diamond and sapphire set from the famous French jewelry brand Cesare Pompanon. This with an elegant total look from Teodora Milano by Francesca Partesi, a 100% Made in Italy brand, with a sparkling sequin dress and a long ruby-colored velvet and cashmere coat.

As a guest for “Ça va l’faire” on TVMonaco I chose a sparkling and glamorous fuchsia-colored jumpsuit by Alessandra Aiardo, who showed in Paris and Milan, with very beautiful jewelry by Pasquale Bruni, the brand of all the stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow or Lady Gaga…

Currently it is Elena Minello from the Temps & Passion boutique in Monaco who selects all my jewelry for me.

While Flavia Cannata, CEO of Alwaysupportalent, created all the styling of the outfits.

Finally, the photos to illustrate the publication of my book about my Rose Garden were taken with a dress created by Eles Italia by Silvia and Stefania Loriga. Made up of a multitude of tiny pale pink roses, it’s a truly ideal dress for this!

What are your future projects currently?

We have several with our company PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production. For example “Lorena & Friends”, a TV show that I would present about life in Monaco and its surroundings that everyone dreams of!

Lorena Baricalla has performed in theatre and television in more than 35 countries around the world.

She is a Ballet Star and Choreographer, Singer and Actress.

In addition, she is a Master of Ceremonies in 5 languages for international events, TV Presenter, Ambassador for fashion and luxury brands, Author and Mentor.

She is a Producer with her international company PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production based in Monaco, with the Producer and her Manager Tino Genovese.

PromoArt currently produces her as an artist, manages her Corps de Ballet – which has included over the years around 200 dancers of different nationalities – and produces major events and shows on an international level.

In addition, PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production specializes in the concept of new entertainment projects and develops its activities in the cinema and television sector.